(CG2) Isuran

Human Psyker (Unaligned)


Black Crusade

Archetype: Psyker, Rank: 1.
XP Earned: 1000, XP Unspent: 100
Pride: Devotion
Disgrace: Regret
Motivation: Ascendancy
Alignment: Unaligned | N2 T0 S0 K0
Build: thin, age: 28, skin: pale, hair: auburn, eye color: green, height: 5’10", weight: 145 lbs, gender: male.

WS 36, BS 33, S 32, T 40, AG 37, INT 40, PER 32, WP 53, FEL 35, INF 24

Talents & Traits: Jaded, Weapon Training (Las), Weapon Training (Shock), Warp Sense, Resistance (Psychic Techniques), Die Hard, Psyker, The Quick and the Dead, Psy Rating 3

Skills: Common Lore (Screaming Vortex), Common Lore (Imperium), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Trade (Cryptographer), Awareness, Psyniscience, Forbidden Lore (Psykers), Deceive, Dodge

Psychic Powers: Doombolt, Mind Over Matter, Thought Sending, Precognition

Gear: Common Craftsmanship Laspistol, Common Craftsmanship Neural Whip, Flak Cloak, Psy-focus, Dataslate filled with arcane lore

Wounds: 11
Corruption: 10

Irc: turbo_chaos2

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Isuran grew up on a small, sparsely populated planet near a once bustling warp route. However, new caches of more easily harvested resources caused a shift in traffic, isolating the planet and rendering its role in commerce obsolete. Growing up amongst the decaying infrastructure of a metropolis with a near-defunct government, Isuran was largely free from the influence of the Imperium. He cannot remember his parents, but when he began displaying the beginning symptoms of psychic ability, Isuran entered into the care of a local recluse, Thres. Thres’s interest was hardly altruistic, merely the desire for a servant and protector in his advancing age. Thres, trained by the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, fled the Imperium successfully long ago, but never disclosed why. Though Isuran showed the symptoms of a burgeoning psychic talent, it did not manifest fully until he was a young adult. Thres, though skilled in the training and passing of technique to Isuran, lacked any remaining strong talent himself. Aged psykers are a rarity, since most burn out quite young and do not live past middle age. During a particular difficult day of grueling lessons, Isuran’s mental control unraveled, disorganized psychic energy radiating out in waves through the decrepit hovel the teacher and student occupied. Unprepared and weak in power, Thres’ psyche was shredded before Isuran could react. As the man’s living corpse collapsed to the floor, Isuran pondered. Though the two men hated one another, Isuran had known no one else; whenever this memory floats to mind, the isolating nature of his psychic gifts cause him to feel some self-loathing and regret.

Now on his own, Isuran travels from system to system near the Vortex, working for pirates, maruaders, and smugglers as a psyker. He will provide his talents for anyone who asks, in exchange for the chance to search through the hold of captured vessels for items or knowledge that might further his abilities. He is always eager to travel to somewhere new, leaving his current location immediately once his interest in it has expired.

Like many fools before him, Isuran was drawn to the Warp as a way to conquer mortality; Thres’ death left him obsessed with his own fragility and limits. Desperate enough to seek the power necessary for Ascension, Isuran is also foolish and delusional enough to believe he will be found worthy in the eyes of the Chaos Gods. A skewed sense of self and bloated ego hide behind his bland expression, believing no one is more devoted or worthy of the power of Chaos than himself. His hungry grasps for power are often impulsive and unorganized, since he usually seeks the quickest, easiest path to his goal. Though currently Unaligned, Isuran’s thirst for power has set his sights on acquiring the favor of Nurgle, though Isuran’s convoluted reasoning is probably a mystery to even himself. Growing up on a planet with few visitors or resources left Isuran confused and uncomfortable with most people and ignorant of social norms. A few disastrous conversations turned Isuran into a fervent study of all things related to the Imperium and the Screaming Vortex, in an effort to improve his quest for powerful objects and information. His manner and voice are cordial and easygoing, but his eyes and facial expression are often at odds, leaving most strangers feeling awkward. Though he received a small amount of training aboard a vessel in crytography, Isuran never used the training professionally, and often doesn’t know where he will get his next meal.