Zarkov Silon (DH)

DH Guardsman


35 WS
43 BS
32 Str
35 T
32 Ag
27 Int
31 Per
33 WP
32 Fel

100 XP on BS advance
300 XP on trench war veteran

Speak High and Low Gothic, literacy, drive ground, search, peer (military, nobility), etiquette, hatred mutants, light sleeper
Die if you must, but not with a broken spirit (+3wp)
13 Wounds
2 Fate Points
2 insanity points
gear – lasgun, knife, guard flak armour, 1 week corpse starch rations, sword, las pistol, 2 charge packs, 1 overcharg pack, shotgun, 12 shells, uniform, Uplifting primer, momento(idol), backpack, drop harness, gas-mask, red-dot,
2 frag grenades
7 thrones


Born in to noble house Zarkov was trained from a young age to one day lead his house. As a show he was enlisted in to the Imperial Guard for what was supposed to be a boring uneventful tour of duty. This however was the exact opposite what happens. Zarkov was placed on an incorrect roster that put him on front line duty. Four month later He was rotated out but not with out some mental scaring and and the skills of a trench war veteran. Zarkov now seeks only to return to his home planet, a task that is all but impossible from inside the imperial war machine.

Zarkov Silon (DH)

A most traditional clusterfuck. In space. Someone wanted to mention war, too. x_Nave_x