[DW] Brother Yarius Maximus Vexillarius

At a quick glance he looks like a normal space marine, with a clean shaven face. he sports a simple black colour short haircut. and his face sports a firm stare with brown eyes. his black armor and silver arm. distinction of the Deathwatch. has some adorn


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Yarius Maximus Vexillarius (ultramarine Tactical marine)

Solo Mode (Favoured Son)
Demeanour (honor the chapter,Ambitious)
Ultramarine Past (banner Bearer)
Maximus Armor
3 legends of war undefeated
10 pining and fear cohesion-1
4 mark of the artificer gauntlets of xirion
+10 WS +5fell
4 mark of the artificer the iron greaves
ap front of legs +10 to pinning -10 agility

12+30 WS
8+30 BS

20 wounds
3 fate points

what is your homeworld like.
Mccraage! (must correct)
calculator, espect to be folowed by lower rank, and folows higer
selected by being a role model, leading by example, and speaking skills.
the deathwatch is a special service, and i must honor my chapter by succeding my task
the protection of those under the imperium rule. i am a shield to protect against the enemys of the imperium

Special Ability
Bolter mastery (+10 to BS +2 when firing bolt weapons in solo mode)
Tactical Expertise
share chapter squad mode abilities with a command test

Forbidden lore (xenos)
Ciphers (chapter runes)
Common lore (Adeptus Astartes, Imperium, War, Deathwatch)
Concealment, Drive (ground Vehicle), Intimidate,Literacy,
Navigation (surface)
Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes)
Silent Move,
Speak Language (high gothic, Low Gothic
Tactics (choose one)
performer(storyTeller) 200

Deathwatch Training
Astartes Weapons Traning
Bulginb Biceps,
Heigthened Senses(Hearing, sight)
Killing Strike,
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance (psyqchic Powers)
True Grit,
Unarmed Master.
Air of Authority 500
Double Team 200

Unnatural Strength (x2)
Unnatural Toughness (x2)

Astartes Bolter with fire selector
1 clip of special issue ammunition 25 requ per clip


now i must wait for the imagination to surge.

Jarius, was not one of the strongest, or the best soldier. when duels where made. but some how always came first in the battle practices he allways seemed to improve around his brothers. when he finally entered the rank of the space marine. he fought many battles as a tactical marine. and it would not be until that special day where he would get the privilege of Vexillarius (flag bearer).

the team was on route towards a extraction point. when they suddenly got ambushed by the eldar. the captain and 3 of our brothers where down including the Vexillarius i quickly grabbed the flag and lead our brothers away. we managed to escape. but we had no leader. our brothers started arguing about the codex astartes and what to do. some how my ideas where different. i could see if we went there we could be doomed. and ambush meant they know where we were headed. and going straight to the extraction point would just lead us into another ambush. i quickly made a new plan.

“the Codex is a guide not a leash”, i managed to convince my brothers. our techmarine would send new coordinates to the thunder hawk it would make a sweep in extration point. i would carry the flag and approach the eldar from a different position along 2 of my brothers for support, while the rest waited for my signal. uppon reaching the extration point. hell broke loose. the eldars where comming from us. as we ran towards the point. as the eldar saw the thunder hawk descending. they rushed towards us, they would not let us scape. thinking we would be vulnerable when while we where being extracted. but for their surprise the thunder hawk make a sweep unloading its weapon on the group of eldars. leaving a trace of bullets and smoke. as the smoke went down i signaled my brothers who quickly emerged from their hiding spots to finish the rest of the weakened eldars. we made it back safely and counted another victory for the ultramarines. that day was the day i was made a Vexillarius, but it would now be after many battles that the inquisition would lay its eyes on me and i would become a member of the Deathwatch.

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[DW] Brother Yarius Maximus Vexillarius

A most traditional clusterfuck. In space. Someone wanted to mention war, too. undostrescuatro