Nobody (DH1)

Old little weird looking and mentally highly unstable guy! Someone stuck their fingers in his brain some time ago... AND HE'S A PSYKER!


Dark Heresy (with help from The Inquisitors Handbook)

Career: Psyker, Rank: Sactionite.
Divination: Even a man who has nothing can still offer his life!
Quirk: Curved Spine.
Homeworld: Unknown (Mind clensed)
Build: Stunded, age: 65, skin: Blueish, hair: auburn, eye colour: green, height: 1.65m, weight: 55kg, gender: male.

WS 32, BS 35, S 32, T 35, AG 28, INT 35, PER 31, WP 53*, FEL 22

Talents & Traits: Jaded, Pistol Weapon Training (Las), Pistol Weapon Training (SP), Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), psy rating 1, failsafe controle, imperial conditioning, through a mirror darkly, Reisistance (Psychic powers), Unreadable Mind.

Skills: Deceive, Intimidate, Survival, Common Lore (tech), Speak, Psyniscience, Invocation, Trade (Soothsayer), Literacy.

Psychic Powers: Touch of Madness, Flashbang.

Gear: Axe, Staff, Compact Stub revolver, 3 bullets, knife, dice, Psy-focus, Santioning Brand.

Wounds: 13.
Insanity Points: 7.


*Bought one advace, and also Mind Clensed, whitch gave a substantial bonus.


This man has absolutely no idear what the hell is going on here…
His mind was reset some years ago, so he doesn’t know who he is or were he’s from…
Seriously, the mans brain is a grade A trainwreck, with an earthquake on top of that, and then a tsunami!

The only thing Nobody does have a grasp of is that he serves The Emperor, although how he does so isn’t really clear to anyone…