Kaltos "Kal" Obersk (DH1)

A worker for hire, been working on independant vessels for a living until his last came under attack and he was forced to abandon ship.


Homeworld: Forge World
Class: Assassin
Age: 24 Gender: Male Build: Svelte Skin: Ruddy Hair: Dyed Blue Height: 1.85 meters Eyes: Green Weight: 67kg Quirk: Nervous Tic

WS: 35 (15+15+5)
BS: 43 (20+18+5)
STR: 30 (20+10)
T: 35 (20+12+3)
AG: 38 (20+15+3)
INT: 32 (25+7)
PER: 28 (20+8)
WP: 32 (20+12)
FEL: 31 (20+11)

Speak Language(Low Gothic) Awareness Dodge Common Lore(Tech) Common Lore(Machine Cult) Silent Move

Fit for Purpose (+3 Ag)
Stranger to the Cult (-10 Imperial Creed checks, and -5 to dealing with members of the Ecclesiarchy in formal settings)
Credo Omnissiah (Gain Technical Knock)

Melee Weapon Training(Primitive) Ambidextrous Pistol Training(Las) Pistol Training(SP) Basic Weapon Training(SP)

Light Flak Armor
110 bullets
Glow-Globe Duplus Clip Black Bodyglove
2 Thrones

Divination: “Men must die so that man endures” +3 Toughness
11 Wounds
2 Fate Points

Purchased 2 Stat boosts, Sound Con, and Silent Move


Originally serving under the Magos of a distance Forgeworld, set out after fearing the someone had plans to turn him into a servitor. Escaping on an outgoing ship, has found work and comfort in helping pilot all sorts of vessels across the Imperium. Using his training from the forgeworld and skills with weapons, found a constant line of jobs working for any kind of ship. During his last job his ship came under attack by a group of renegades. After some small fighting he abandoned the ship and has found himself now stuck in the Tiji sector.

Kaltos "Kal" Obersk (DH1)

A most traditional clusterfuck. In space. Someone wanted to mention war, too. athinirage