Feldspy (RT1)

The hard working first mate of the vessel.


Character Sheet
Void Master

XP advances taken:
Dodge (100)
Awareness (100)
Secret Language (Rogue Trader) (100)
Drive (Ground Vehicle) (100)
BS (100)

Stat Block
WS 33 / BS 42 / S 32 / T 36 / Ag 40 / Int 40 / Per 38 / WP 51 / Fel 32


He was born on an unknown imperial freighter. He was abandoned at an early age, and began ship-hopping, scavenging when he could to survive. Growing up, he gained a natural affinity for the great voidships, and a great admiration of the rarely-glimpsed captains and crew. He determined to seek that status and fortune himself, and, naming himself after the Second in command of a minor Rogue Trader, Feldspy set off to make his name. In an attempt to move up in the universe, he fell in with a group of Void Pirates known as the Band of the Red Handed, infamous for fiercely enforcing loyalty. Feld left after signs of chaos worship began to appear amongst the group – his time in the warp, although shielded by the gellar field, has given him an aversion to the ruinous powers. As he traveled more, he met a sympathetic imperial navy officer, who, seeing his potential, had him sent to a school on one of the nicer worlds of humanity. There, his accumulated experience of years living in every cranny of starships seemed to have him on the fast track to position as a naval officer himself. But then the Orks came.
Descending from the sky on crude Roks, the WAAAAGH! cut a path of destruction across the planet. The PDF, unaccustomed to real fighting, were overrun in a matter of weeks. However, a defiant force of students, including Feldspy, and led by the future Captain Holt, held out for several more weeks, until a relief force of Rogue Traders and Imperial forces drove the greenskins off world. Over the course of the fighting, Feldspy had developed a deep seated hatred for the vile, savage xenos. One of the few surviving students, Feldspy was offered a place in a crew being formed by Holt. Seeing this as a new opportunity, he accepted, and has since traveled with the Captain as he operated under his Father’s Rogue Trader fleet, and then when Holt struck out on his own.