Ehud Gera (Deathwatch)

A Librarian of the 'Writ Keepers' Chapter, he is dedicated to maintaining the laws set down by the Emperor.


Name: Ehud Gera
Chapter: Writ Keepers (Ultramarines)
Personal Demeanour: Scornful
Speciality: Librarian
Power Armour History: Cower Not Before The Enemy

WS: 46 BS: 38 S: 45 T: 40 AG: 37 INT: 42 PER: 42 WP: 53 FEL: 45

Wounds: 19

Fate: 3

Corruption: 0

Insanity: 0

Total Experience Spent: 12,800
Experience Still To Spend: 200

Traits/Skills/Atrributes Purchased: Intimidation (400), Scholastic Lore: Judgement (400)

Psy Rating: 3

Psychic Powers: Smite, Short-Range Telepathy, Inspire

Default Gear: Astartes Bolter w/ Fire Selector, Astartes Bolt Pistol, Astartes Combat Knife, Power Armour (Mk.7), 3 Astartes Frag Grenades, 3 Astartes Krak Grenades, Repair Cement, Force Sword, Cingulum w/ Adamantine Inlays (Ultramarines Chapter Trapping).

Purchased Gear (Mission Dependant):


Chapter Fluff: The Writ Keepers are an Ultramarines’ successor chapter, founded in late M36 at the end of the post-Vandire reformation. Created amongst a dozen other such successor chapters, it was hoped that they could replicate the stabilising influence that the Ultramarines held in the Ultramar sector.

Although the founding was not the success the High Lords had hoped for, several chapters proved themselves diligent and efficient in their duties, the Writ Keepers amongst them. Based on the planet Jude, well known for its corrupt past and its subsequent heavy Arbitrator presence, the Writ Keepers hold a fanatical devotion to Imperial Law. It is their belief that ‘Law is Order, and the Imperium is nothing without Order’, and strive to root out heretics and traitors wherever they can be found.

The battle tactics of the Writ Keepers often focus on overt shock and awe strategies, ensuring that the enemy is aware of its crimes and its subsequent punishment. Each Battle Brother carries with him the ‘Eleh ha-devarim’, originally the warrior-code of their homeplanet but now a depositary of what the Chapter considers the most important and sacred laws of the Imperium. Needless to say the laws contained within them are sometimes changed or updated, a task left to the Librarians and Chaplains.

Initially good relations with the Ultramarines have cooled in recent centuries due to a tactical disagreement during the joint Pacification of Gath. Phillipus, who led the Ultramarines detachment, had argued for a night time assault in order to take the heretics by surprise. This plan, he pointed out, was the one prescribed by the Codex Astartes for this very situation. Captain Samson, then captain of the third company, dismissed this and instead ordered a transmission to be sent to planet surface declaring the guilt of the defenders, followed by an orbital bombardment. This flagrant disregard for the Codex offended Phillipus, and the two captains argued for a long time over the text’s importance. The debate abruptly ended when Phillipus stormed out with his fellow Ultramarines after Samson declared that ‘The Heresy was caused by traitors, not by improper battle tactics.’

The Writ Keepers have mixed relationships with the Inquisition, respecting them for their role but often distrusting them for their methods. It does not sit well with a Writ Keeper to see a keeper of the Imperial Law so often disregard those very rules. However the 7th Chapter Master, Lord Malachi, presided over a year long debate which resulted in a new law being added to the Eleh ha-devarim. ‘The Emperor, in his wisdom, has appointed the Inquisition to root out and destroy those who disobey His laws. Though the members of these Ordos may work outside of His laws, they do so by His authority’. This concession has done much to ease tensions between the two factions, though relations remain cordial at best.

Ehud’s Fluff: Ehud Gera has only served within the Writ Keepers for 72 years, but has already proven himself a mighty warrior and a stern law keeper. Serving as a chapter Librarian, he was instrumental in the removal of the ‘Repentance Clause’ from the Eleh ha-devarim, which allowed a heretical population a full Terran day to admit their guilt before extermination. Declaring it to be ‘24 hours of weakness enshrined in law’ Ehud strove for a decade to have it removed, debating against those brothers who viewed it as a necessary part of the Emperor’s Justice.

However this was immediately followed by Ehud’s name being chosen to be the Writ Keeper’s representative to the Deathwatch. Taking it as an opportunity to bring the Emperor’s Law to the most depraved of heretics, Ehud proudly accepted, determined to return to his chapter with tales of triumph and victory.