(CG1) Casimir Belgarath

A disaffected Imperial Navy captain of an escort Frigate who went to too many dubious parties and had run-ins with too many seedy priests.


Character Sheets:

Casimir Belgarath – Apostate Navy Officer

Dravon Key – Bodyguard Minion


Casimir Belgarath
Apostate Rank 1
XP to Spend: 0
XP Spent: 1,000

Wounds: 12/12
Infamy: 2/2

WS: 40
BS: 37
S: 30
T: 35
A: 33
I: 33
P: 36
W: 37
F: 58
Inf: 22

Common Lore (Imperial Navy, War)(Int)
Forbidden Lore (Pirates, The Warp, Heresy)(Int)
Scholastic Lore (AStromancy, Tactica Imperialis, Occult)
Linguistics(Low Gothic)(Int)
Charm + 10 (Fel)
Command + 10 (Fel)
Dodge+ 10 (Fel)
Operate (Voidship) (Ag)
Trade (Voidfarer)(Int)

Air of Authority
Hatred(Imperial Cult)
Peer (Imperial Navy)
Total Recall
Unshakeable Will
Weapon Training (Las,Primary,Power)
Radiant Presence
Lesser Minion of Chaos
Sure Strike

Good-Craftsmanship Laspistol (1d10+2 E Pen 0)
Common Power Blade (1d10+3 E Pen 5)
Mesh combat cloak and cowl
Slaanesh pendant, unholy tome
2 Laspistol clips
Officer’s dress uniform
Micro Bead

Advances Taken/XP Spent:
Fellowship+5 / 250
Dodge+10 / 200
Sure Strike / 250
Weapon Training (Power) / 200
Operate (Voidship) / 100

Dravon Key (Lesser Minion of Chaos)

Wounds: 4/4

WS: 2
S: 10
T: 25
A: 10
I: 1
P: 20
W: 1
F: 1

Awareness (Per)
Dodge (Ag)
Scrutiny (Per)
Security (Int)

Machine (1)
Quick Draw
Rapid Reload
Weapon Training (SP)
Lightning Reflexes

Assault Shotgun (1d10+4 I Pen 0)
Guard Flak


This File is Property of the Imperial Navy
+————————————————————-FILE BEGINS————————————————————-+

Casimir Belgarath



Emperor’s Light, designation Escort Frigate


The only son and heir to the Belgarath family, a family with a rich tradition of Imperial Navy and Army officers that can trace their heritage to the beginnings of the Imperium on Holy Terra itself, Casimir was orphaned at a young age when the Navy Battleship, the Hope of Scintilla crewed by his parents was dragged into a deadly crash with the vessel Unbreakable Will by the heretic Magos[REDACTED] using [REDACTED]. Casimir’s grandparents inducted him into a scholam run by clerics and navy veterans geared towards Navy training and the arts of war. His scholam records show his aptitude for void tactics and strategy, logistics and the politics of war and a sterling academic discipline. His record also shows minor reports of violence with others at the scholam but nothing unexpected from a child in his situation.

Casimir Belgarath was assigned to the Emperor’s Light upon completion of his training and quickly rose to the position of Commander through numerous campaigns of pacification against the Tin Emperor zealots in the Vilentius sector, a very subtle desecration of the Imperial Truth was being preached on dozens of worlds and apostates quickly overthrew legitimate Imperial authority, leading Casimir to become a renowned commander during many boarding actions and battles with the Tin Emperor’s fleets. He was awarded captainship of the Emperor’s Light after the disappearance of Arctus Zek at the end of the campaign and was presented a power blade by the Lord Governor of Lusetia IV after its liberation and the destruction of the Tin Emperor cult.

+———————————————————-END OF FILE—————————————————————+

“It was an easy thing, to slide the injector into Zek’s neck. It was like I was told, a quick jab of soporific and a drag somewhere private during the tail end of the planetary attack and no one would be the wiser. The pink fluid seemed to glow from underneath his skin and pulse like the drug-dreams that have shown my destiny foretold. In three minutes, Arctus Zek would be dead. In three minutes, my destiny, and a loyal bodyguard, would be reborn. His face sloughed and changed, his body twisted and thickened and his breath steadied as I carried him to my good mechanical friend. He would show this cur the perfection of the machine, and in the meantime, I would rise. I would throw off the shackles of the False Emperor. The lies of one creed were shown through the deeper lies of another. I will be free of Emperors, whether Tin or Terran, and be free to pursue the perfection I have seen.

Through the dark and incense I draw breath.
Through pink-misted eyes I see.
Through icy skin and flaming bone I feel.
Through the Flawless Prince I am reborn."

— Casimir Belgarath’s Journal, excerpt.

(CG1) Casimir Belgarath

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