Captain Holt (RT1)


Character Sheet

WS 40
BS 45
S 37
T 37
Ag 36
Int 35
Per 33
WP 32
Fel 51

Wounds – 10
Fate Points – 5
Corruption – 0
Insanity – 6

Birthright- Savant, Lure of the Void- Fated for Greatness, Trials- Dark Voyage

Talents and Traits
Etiquette, Peer(Nobality), Peer(Ecclesiarchy), Resistance(Fear), Air of Authority, Pistol Training(Universal), Melee Weapon Training(Universal)

Special Ability
Exceptional Leader – +10 to any ally test if in range

Command – Trained
Commerce – Trained
Common Lore(Imperium) – Trained
Evaluate – Trained
Literacy – Trained
Logic – Basic
Scholatic Lore(Astomancy) – Trained
Speak Language(High Gothic) – Trained
Speak Language(Low Gothic) – Trained


Captain Holt was born on a very rich world whilst his father traveled around building his dynasty. He spent most of his time in school and signed up to become an Imperial Officer. The school he was training at was attacked by an Ork WAAAGH! and he was left commanding a few dozen students in defense of the school after the School Master went to help the Planetary Defense Forces. The students and himself held the school for 3 weeks after the PDF was overrun, until a relief force of Rogue Traders, including his father’s fleet, and Imperial Forces came and destroyed the remaining Orkz.

After seeing his son hold against such odds with so little men, his father brought Holt into his fleet and gave him Captain of a small frigate. Holt provided himself a great naval tactican when he managed to ambush a fleet of pirate raiders by confusing their sensors so that it appeared like a massive fleet was attacking. He then hunted down and destroyed each ship over the course of 2 weeks after they broke formation and fled.

After getting a better ship, Holt was allowed to set off on his own.