Caius Ironfang (DH)

2 Meters, 113kg, 20 years old, Fair skin, Yellow Eyes, Grey Hair, Has Extensive Scarring


Dark Heresy

Divination: "Violence Solves Everything (+3 WS)
Planet: Feral World
Path: Guardsman
Skills: Speak Low Gothic, Swim, Speak Language(Tribal Dialect),
Talents: Melee Weapon Training(Primitive), Pistol Training (Las), Basic Weapon Training (Primitive)Pistol Training (SP)
Traits: Iron Stomach, Primitive, Rite of Passage, Wilderness Savvy
Stat Boosts for WS and S
15 Wounds
2 Fate Points

Equipment: Mono Sword, Pump_action Shotgun, 12 Shotgun Shells, Knife, Guard Flack Armour,
Street Clothes, Mercenary Licence, 1 Week Rations, Las Pistol, 1 Charge Pack, Backpack


Coming Soon

Caius Ironfang (DH)

A most traditional clusterfuck. In space. Someone wanted to mention war, too. Milbro