Brother Mikaelus[DW]

Black Templars Assault Marine


Brother Mikaelus
Black Templars Assault Marine

Solo Mode Ability: Righteous Zeal, Wings of Angels

Demeanour: Zealous, Pious

Standard Equipment: Mk. VIII “Errant” Power Armor [History: None Shall Escape the Emperor’s Wrath], Astartes Bolt Pistol, Astartes Frag Grenades/Krak Grenades [3 ea.], Astartes Combat Knife, Repair Cement, Astartes Chainsword, Devotion Chain, Astartes Hand Flamer

Characteristics -

WS – 54 [30+9+5+5+5]
BS – 33 [30+8-5]
S – 52 [30+17+5] [Unnatural x2]
T – 40 [30+10] [Unnatural x2]
Ag – 41 [30+6]
Int – 41 [30+11]
Per – 44 [30+14]
WP – 48 [30+13+5]
Fel – 44 [30+14]

Wounds – 22
Fate Points – 3
Movement – 4/8/12/24

Corruption – 0
Insanity – 0

EXP: 12,900 XP/100 XP

Purchases -
Simple WS Advance(200)
Talent: Catfall(200)
Signature Wargear(Astartes Hand Flamer)


Ever since he can remember, Mikaelus has had two truths to his life: Honor the Emperor, and purge his enemies. Though these truths are common to all Space Marines, the zeal and surety of purpose Mikaelus shows in his duty marks him apart from even his most hardened fellows. It was this quality of him which led him to the service of Chaplain Gervhart, and guided him throughout his service as his disciple.

All who knew him expected him quickly ascend to the rank of Chaplain, it appeared that Gervhart had other plans for him; it was Gervhart who recommended him to the Deathwatch. When Mikaelus learned, he presumed that he had failed somehow, and quickly confronted Gervhart that he might beg forgiveness for his unknown transgressions. When he spoke though, Gervhart simply said: “You have faith, my son. You have zeal, fury, and hatred in spades. But there is something you lack, and it is something which no one may teach you but yourself. Rise now, prepare yourself, and attend to your new duties. You will find your purpose there, or you will die, and either way your purpose shall be served.”

Mikaelus has traveled far to take his place, yet he is no closer to figuring out what he must learn. But that is a concern for the future; for the moment, there are yet enemies to destroy.

Brother Mikaelus[DW]

A most traditional clusterfuck. In space. Someone wanted to mention war, too. Mikaelus