Brother Ba'gan (DW)


Name: Ba’gan Chapter: Salamanders
Demeanor: Hot-blooded History: By Thine Own Hands
Specialty: Techmarine

Weapon Skill: 41 Ballistic Skill: 45
Strength: 42 (x2) Toughness: 43 (x2)
Agility: 37 Intelligence: 53
Perception: 40 Willpower: 42
Fellowship: 45 Wounds: 23
Corruption: 0 Insanity: 0
Fate Points: 2 Experience: 12500/500

Traits: Mechanicus Implants
Skills: Tech-Use, Speak Techna-Lingua
Talents: Electro-Graft Use, Mechadendrite Use (Servo-Arm), Peer (Imperial Guard)
Permanent Wargear: Starting Gear, Vigil Brazier
Armor: Mark 8, Cower Not Before the Enemy
Campaign Deed: Price of Victory
Cybernetics: Common Servo-Arm, Common MIU, Master Arm, Master Leg

XP expenditure: Price of Victory-0, Peer (Imperial Guard)-500


Ba’gan seeks to replace his weak flesh with superior Salamander craftsmanship. In this way he can become both soldier and weapon, a perfect tool of the Emperor. He has a short way with those who waste the Emperor’s resources and tools (throwing away the ore along with the slag, is how he disdainfully puts it).

Brother Ba'gan (DW)

A most traditional clusterfuck. In space. Someone wanted to mention war, too. AfroDwarf