Brother Angus (DW)


Brother Angus

Storm Warden Tactical Marine

Solo Mode Ability: Thunder’s Call

Squad Ability; Tactical Expertise

Demeanour: Aspire to Glory, Proud

Standard Equipment: Mk. VI Corvus Pattern Armor (History: Blood of a Battle Brother, Lead From The Front, Bring Death From Afar) Astartes Bolter (Godwyn Pattern) w/Fire Selector, 1 clip of Kraken Rounds, Astartes Bolt Pistol, 3 Astartes Frag grenades, 3 Astartes Krak grenades, repair cement, Sacris Claymore


WS 48 (30+18)
BS 41 (30+11)
S 50 (30+15+5) (Unnatural x2)
T 50 (30+15+5) (Unnatural x2)
Ag 51 (30+10+10)
Int 37 (30+7)
Per 38 (30+8)
WP 42 (30+12)
Fel 42 (30+12)

Wounds: 24
Fate: 3
Movement: 6/12/18/36

Corruption: 0

EXP: 13,000 / 0


Deed: Battle Damage: (300 XP)
Simple: T Advancement (500 XP)
Rank 1: Double Team (200 XP)


Honor and Duty in the Emperor’s Name. It’s what Brother Angus lived by, even before his indoctrination. If His will called for it, Angus would sacrifice himself if it were needed. But of course, one cannot truly understand the Emperors will until it unfolds before him. There was an incursion of Orks in the frontier system of Lakis Theta. Angus and his squad were sent alone to smoke them out before the Waaggh grew.

Unfortunately, they showed up a little late.

It should’ve only taken them to handle this green incursion, but this was no longer a small group of raiders. This was well on it’s way to a full Waaggh. The local militia could only do so much, and unfortunately, so could the Marines. Without reinforcement or a proper supply line beyond the small ship the Wardens could afford to send, the greatest weapon they had was faith. On the night of their final charge, low on ammo, Angus figured he would do what he must to preserve his squad. And so he rushed forward before anyone knew what was happening. Shock and awe was all he would need. With his blade in hand, he ran into the enemy formation, thick with green skins, but none were ready. as he cut through them, he looked for the biggest he could find, remembering known hierarchy of the Orks being that the biggest are the most important. Clearly if the biggest of these Xenos fell, the rest would go with. As he fought on, his target made its self clear. The Nob stepped forward, casting other Orks aside with each move. He called himself Maimtoof, shouting about being the leader of all the Boyz here. “Then I will crush you along with them, Xeno Scum!” was all Angus needed to say to Maimtoof before charging him down. The battle lasted for what felt like hours, but in the end, Maimtoof had fallen, and the surrounding Orks looked ready to flee. Luckily what they didn’t realize was the heavy damage dealt to Angus. But he pressed on, only hoping his Brothers had taken advantage of the chaos to destroy what enemies he left in his wake. He found such was not the case. Instead of complete destruction, all Angus found was his fallen brothers. It seemed they underestimated their intelligence as well. Though he caught the enemy unaware, it surprised his squad as well. And in their surprise the Orks assaulted them, the sheer volume of bodies had to have been truly overwhelming, as the later investigation concluded. Though his surprising assault caught everyone off guard, his killing of the leader caused the following reinforcements to get swift retribution. Upon his return to the cruiser, The Thundering Fist, it was determined that Angus’ armor needed to be replaced. All they had was an older suit, but it needed to have the pauldrons replaced. He insisted they were replaced with the ones from his former commander’s armor. Short after, the Deathwatch scouted him for a position, apparently due to him showing unyielding faith and devotion against impossible odds. He accepted, bearing with him the burden of upholding not only his honor, but that of his fallen brothers.